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Mondofungo© (Mushroom world)

My little Mushrooms

Why do I paint and mold mushrooms? Mushroom is a incredible creature. What we see could be defined “the fruit” of a living being (the mycelium) that can expand underground for chilometers.
Not everybody know that mushrooms represent the end of the circle of life.
Mushrooms are those who change the remains of organic world in inorganic substance, so they are again available for a new life cycle.
It’s like mushrooms are the missing link between death and new life. 
And, let’s talk about wonder: they explode in a world of colours and shapes that has always feed my imagination.

I have always express my ironic vein, to donate smiles and beauty. All of this became “Mondofungo” (litteraly a composition of the italian words for “world” and “mushroom”), a world populated by shrooms of every shape, expression, size, color, with a dominance of “amanita muscaria” (fly agaric), my favourite mushroom. 

Below, a small gallery of comic strips, illustrations, panels, canvas and walls. 

Canvas and panels are for sale 🙂 

Contact me for personal requests! I love to invent your mushroom!


Copyright for dummies
Striscia new (c)age, 2018 Mondofungo
New (c)age

New (c)age Translated
Vita di attivista, penne acquerellabili, 2018 Mondofungo
“I have to say… these activists are pain in the ass, they just want to be morally superior. And then? They can’t enjoy life”
Elsewhere, in the meantime
“Are you ok, mum?”
“ahahahaha, dunno, ahahaha, suddenly I felt the a strong laguh instinct, ahahah, as if someone told a colossal stupidity” 

Illustration gallery:

Click on the images for a larger view

Mondofungo meets Cinema:

Homage to Bohemian Rhapsody
Fungo meccanico, 2018 Mondofungo
Mondofungo/original poster
Collage pannello Funghi all'Infinito, 2017, spray e acrilico su compensato - Mondofungo
“Endless mushrooms”, spraycans and acrylic paint on panel, 155X100, 2017

Mondofungo Canvas:

Mixed media, 2018 (SOLD)



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