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The Treasure

2018/2019 Spraycans, acrylic and professional markers on canvas.
Red spinel gemstone
30 X 40 Cm

“To expand” means to growth in all the directions. For a cultural belief we take for granted that “the true growth” is the one that allows us to “ascend”, a movement from the below to the above. This comes together with a “good / evil” attribution respectively to high and low directions, now placed in opposition.

This meaning not only isn’t valid anywhere in the world, nor even has it always existed in the western cultures. What are we losing on the way?

This canvas explores the gifts of the “descent”, that long before becoming the”Christian hell” was simply a container of other meanings and experiences in life, those of the “underworld”. The doors open to new symbolisms and new visions.


We meet endless occasions in life to explore the descent and to look for its treasures. Is it still time to escape? Who will have the courage to reach the treasure? The renewal, the regeneration, the re-birth comes right after. The serpentess, an archaic symbol of regeneration, knows how to guide us in your rebirth. If we dare to let us devour and find the true treasure. Of which she herself is a part of.

Detail, red spinel gemstone

The cycle of the Great Mother, represented in the colours, is now complete. At the end of each cycle there is NOT “the return of the same”. We start again with new wisdom and new knowledge. The sky is never the same despite the repetition of the sunset experience.

Yes, there is a little more of symbolism here. Find it.

Watch the video of the canvas on Instagram (Image 2 )



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